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First Step - Giant Leap | BILLY Footwear

Building BILLY

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen. April 19, 2015 was the first day I put my shoes on independently since October 9, 1996.My quote of the day: "Holy crap! It worked! That was easy!"There are still a couple tweaks we will need to do as we move through the formal prototyping/sample process, but today was a huge positive step in the correct direction. Nice pun, eh?        

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Reaching Across the Pond | BILLY Footwear

Building BILLY Quit Your Day Job

In a previous shoe project ( Darin had worked with Winnie, a representative who specializes in China Product Sourcing and Manufacturing. Given our need for a real prototype and in a hurry, Darin reached out to Winnie on April 9 with our conceptual drawings and the pictures Mike sent us of our modified Sanuk shoe. On April 10 Winnie replied back saying she could make the shoe sample once she fully understood the project, had specific material call outs and received payment. Today, April 15, Winnie accepted the project and began working on our shoe. She gave us a range...

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Casting Firm Reaches Out! | BILLY Footwear

Building BILLY Quit Your Day Job Television

  Hey Billy!My name is Adam and I am a casting producer with The Casting Firm, Oxygen & FremantleMedia (American Idol, America's Got Talent). We are seeking young entrepreneurs/inventors who are ready to pitch their concept/company to some of the country’s most successful business leaders for “The Investment Club,” a new television series on Oxygen. I came across your Kickstarter which led me to your website. I would love to chat with you about your business and products and see if we can be a good fit for one another. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone...

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