ADNP Kids Research Foundation

We at BILLY Footwear are pleased to announce our partnership with the ADNP Kids Research Foundation (, where a percentage of all BILLY sales through their channel goes back into their organization.

The ADNP Kids Research Foundation is the worlds first non-profit organization to fund research, publish papers and promote awareness for ADNP Syndrome. We are a strong international patient focused organization with the largest collection of diagnosed patients worldwide.

The MISSION of The ADNP Kids Research Foundation (ADNP-KRF) is to advance the awareness and understanding of ADNP Syndrome / Helsmoortel – Van Der Aa Syndrome (ADNP) by supporting research for treatments and drug development, increasing awareness and scientific understanding, promoting individualized specialty care and protocol, supporting families and providing information to help all individuals with ADNP realize their full potential and have a better quality of life.


To learn more about the ADNP Kids Research Foundation, please click here.


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