Collection: Most AFO-Friendly Shoes

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Can you add lifts to BILLY shoes?

Yes! If a lift needs to be added to a shoe to help with a difference in limb length, the BILLY shoes can accommodate. However, the BILLY brand does not have the setup to actually perform the task. Instead, please feel free to visit by clicking here. is our trusted orthopedic shoe lift provider. Video and phone consultations are available through their website if you would like to speak to a trained professional. 

Can I order a single shoe or a pair of single shoes in different sizes? 

Yes! Please see the following video for the steps on how to order a single shoe or pair of single shoes in different sizes from Be sure to indicate what size of shoe you need for what foot (right or left): How to order a single shoe or pair of single shoes

Note: If you have never used the SINGLESHOE code before, please reach out to first to get approval.

In addition, our retail partner Zappos sells our shoes as singles through Zappos Adaptive. Click here to go directly to their Single and Different Size Shoes Program.

How do I measure my feet to determine my size?

For our sizing charts, click here to go there direct. 

The following video shows one method of measuring your feet, in addition to reading our sizing chart: Sizing Help Video