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AFO Friendly

Were BILLY shoes made to accommodate Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs)? Customers who use AFOs have had a lot of success with our shoes, but unfortunately it is not a total guarantee. Folks with larger braces or who already have wider feet may not be able to use some of our current shoes because the shoes simply are unable to create enough volume inside to accommodate.

Despite popular belief, it is important to remember that many of our current shoes were not built specifically for AFO use. They were built under the banner of universal design, providing an alternative way to access entry into shoes, which is easier for everyone. The design inspiration came after company co-founder Billy Price broke his neck from a three-story fall and could no longer put his shoes on independently. There was nothing on the market that satisfied his needs, so he teamed with fellow co-founder Darin Donaldson and they decided to do something about it. The goal was to combine fashion with function—dissolve the line between adaptive and non-adaptive—and create mainstream shoes for the masses, yet still preserve the functionality for those that need it, like Billy. It turns out that the functionality that Billy was looking for also appeals to users of AFOs. And given the overwhelming response from the AFO community, BILLY Footwear continues to actively work toward making their shoes more AFO friendly.

We have wider shoes in women's, men's, kid's and toddler silhouettes. The shoes for toddlers and kids in the D|R Collection have design components making them more AFO friendly, yet still incorporate universal design for mass market appeal. The shoes are wider, a bit deeper, and have an internal lining that is more tear resistant, per customer input.

In terms of shoes made specifically for braces though, we have the Goat. Made in collaboration with Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, our Goat AFO-Friendly Shoes have two removable insoles plus a removable wedge for extra depth. The shoes come in wide and extra wide, and have a durable lining, robust outsole, and short-wrap zipper allowing the toe to be reinforced.

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