BUDS (Bringing Up Down Syndrome) North Alabama

We at BILLY Footwear are pleased to announce our partnership with BUDS (Bringing Up Down Syndrome) North Alabama, where a percentage of all BILLY sales through their channel goes back to their organization.

"BUDS is a non-profit organization in North Alabama that has existed for over 16 years and boosts almost 400 members! With the tax-deductible donations that BUDS receives, we are able to provide New Parent Packets, valued at $150, to all families with a child newly diagnosed with Down syndrome. This is incredibly important because these packets contains valuable information and resources to educate new families as they try to understand the concept of Down syndrome and how to care for a child who is different from the child they were anticipating.

BUDS is there to offer support, encouragement, and personal experience to these families as well. BUDS wants to help each family see that their child is still a precious gift… just a different gift in a different package."

To learn more about BUDS Bringing Up Down Syndrome North Alabama, please click here.

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