Linking Our Voices Everyday (L.O.V.E.)

We at BILLY Footwear are pleased to announce our partnership with Linking Our Voices Everyday (L.O.V.E.) ( where a percentage of all BILLY sales through their channel goes back into their organization. 

L.O.V.E was created to build a support group for foster and adoptive families. Although being a foster parent is rewarding it can be difficult. It is important for foster parents to find support among others who understand the ups and downs. We are here to also provide resources, training's, fundraising for extra curricular scholarships, a resource closet, and family events.

​Our goal is to link the gap and the voices of those involved in the lives of foster children. Along with this to reach out and encourage groups in communities in all of Montana. We look forward to every member being an important force in Linking Our Voices Everyday.

To learn more about Linking Our Voices Everyday (L.O.V.E.), please click here.

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