Still in the Running! | BILLY Footwear

Ariel, one of the producers, gave me a call on March 11 requesting more background information, pictures, and contacts to reach out to and interview like Darin, our other company co-founder; Katie, my sister; and Hillary, my soon-to-be wife. She said we were still in the running!  And toward the top of a very short list. I mean cummon, how can anybody say no to someone with a childhood pic like this?

Darin and I met today to reevaluate our company position and sort out the best way to move forward. Our plan was to continue to promote our ski-glove and grow organically. The plan was always to move toward our shoe design but not so rapidly. Given this possible investment opportunity and potential publicity we realły have to reconsider. 

No time like the present, right?

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