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I am still wrapping my head around all that happened earlier today. Where to begin... Well, simply put, the Tether Team is amazing. It was such a fantastic day and a true mind-blowing opportunity to be in the midst of such talent. Their team captured our company and vision perfectly. 

Stanley, founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Tether, says he is a storyteller and what a storyteller he is. Seeing our words, mission, logo, and overall drive and passion illustrated in a fresh way is unbelievable. Frankly, I really can't put it into words. We are so inline with everything Tether presented and I am still in shock your team was able to put it together in only a few days time. 

After our meeting with the investors on May 11, we were challenged to create additional samples but we were also challenged to explore our branding and future fashion forward concepts. Sarah generously put us in contact with Stanley. Sarah and Stanley are connected through a side project they are working on called, BrandProject.

The Tether experience was just so cool. We love the renderings of different color combinations and material types for the shoes. We love the discussions on zipper styles and the infinite possibilities of zipper pulls, plus the unique opportunity to include "surprises" under the upper. It was just so gratifying to hear the Tether team, who has an enormous amount of shoe-production experience, highlight on items that Darin and I had previously taken note of and are anxious to continue to explore. It was also so nice getting validation that the Winnie sample we have is a wonderful start. Certainly Darin and I are ecstatic our first shoe prototype arrived as it did - ready to wear with only minor tweaks required.

When I came back home to tell Hillary, my wife to be, I started breaking down into tears while recounting everything we had just discussed and experienced. Through Tether's marketing and branding genius, I could clearly see our shoe in huge stores - going toe-to-toe against the other designs on the shelf. I am just overwhelmed with joy that our little side-passion-project has the potential to change the world. And retelling Hillary, doing my best to describe what we witnessed, brought up a huge ball of unbridled emotion inside of me. So many people have graciously contributed to the success of this positive endeavor so far - I do not think I will ever be able to truly express my sincere gratitude.


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