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Darin and I met with Maral over the phone to discuss the "mood" boards that she was creating. There are three categories:

Give Back
This category is not necessarily looking backwards but more acknowledging where you came from.  The look is worn but new.  The colors are more sepia toned, like vintage 20's meets retro 70's.  The messaging inside the shoe is simple, yet the "Give Back" mood suggests philanthropic efforts.  Giving back is the new black.

Live in the Moment
This category focuses on the present.  The colors are fresh and spring-like.  The messaging inside the shoe provides inspiration.  

Move Forward
This category is bold with vibrant colors.  The designs make a statement and some push the fashion limit. 

Each of the three categories will have men's, women's, and kids styles and sizes but each line will be more tailored to a certain trend.

I'm excited to see what designs come next!

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