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What a day. I picked up Maral at The Westin at 9:45 with the intent to be back at the condo by 10am. That was the target time we all agreed upon the evening before.

Pulling into the Westin valet parking area, Maral was already ready to go. She had three huge roller bags and then a couple of smaller duffles, which we all put in the back of my VW van. Jason was there to help, but had other work to do so he did not join us for the day.

Maral jumped into the shotgun seat and we were on our way.

Arriving at 10 AM, Maral and I pulled into my condo garage and started unloading the bags. We went up the elevator to the condo, and after a short tour of the space where I showed off the rooms as well as Hillary's wedding dress (which Maral was dumbfounded by Hillary's skills and abilities to sew it herself), Maral began unpacking the bags that were completely filled with shoes. That's when Darin called and I went downstairs to let him into the garage.

The day was good and very productive. We basically went for twelve hours straight. As Maral unpacked shoe by shoe, the line continued to be more amazing. We had our OG in numerous colors, materials, and in both male and female styles. There were the high tops, boat shoes, one color, Billy Club, mother/daughter, father/son, and other kids lines. So many shoes.

I asked the question that if we met the minimum order on every shoe in the room, what it would cost. Answer: around $800,000. Wow. Pucker factor engaged.

I had committed an additional $100,000 to the project from my own savings but did not exactly know what all that would get us. I asked the question. Answer: seven shoes. And thus began the difficulty of narrowing fifty-four possibilities down to only seven.
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