The Los Angeles Whirlwind | BILLY Footwear

With an absurdly early flight out of Seattle, Darin and I were on the first Alaska Airlines plane destined to Los Angeles to meet Sarah and the rest of the potential investors.  Sarah had challenged us in our Friday meeting to come up with "fashion forward" designs and concept validation for our "investor" meeting.  One can only do so much in two days and over a weekend but we certainly took a stab at it.  Hats off to Darin who developed a series of renderings outlining a whole women's line in fresh, spring colors.  That said, we are still very much in proof-of-concept phase so "function forward" is taking precedence over "fashion forward". 

Darin and I ran through a bunch of conversation scenarios on the flight down trying to predict what would be discussed and what exactly we were getting ourselves in to. We had numerous business-type questions we were anxious to ask.  

The funny thing is we finished the afternoon with more questions than answers. So what did we do? Headed to the beach!

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