Strike a Pose | BILLY Footwear

Under partial cloud cover with frequent sun breaks, my coworker and friend, Sheri and her daughter, Bryn, did us a huge favor!

We met near the Chihuly Art Museum in Tacoma, Washington earlier today and had our second photoshoot. It was not only a great success but a ton of fun.

Bryn, a very active young dancer with hip-hop and ballet was our star—and frankly was a real natural on camera. She gave fantastic looks, struck poses like none other, and was just super energetic. As for Bryn's personality? It's awesome. She simply has a heart of gold just like her mom.

Here are a bunch of pics to whet your appetite:

Thank you so much for your time today, Sheri and Bryn! I look forward to the next time already.

And for those that are asking, "Wait, what shoes are they wearing?" Stay tuned for Spring 2017...

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