Kickstarter Update #3: Two Weeks Left and Success is Within Reach! | BILLY Footwear

The generosity of those around us never ceases to amaze me and warm my heart. We are so close to our goal and we still have two weeks to go! And the reason we are in this position is 100% thanks to the trusting support you have each placed in us and our project—a project with intent to provide shoes that appeal to and work for everyone. 

In other news, by popular demand we are releasing a new reward level, which will be available for the final two weeks of the campaign. And what is the reward, you ask? The one-of-a-kind Trucker Hats!

To those that are already backers and wish to add a trucker hat to your existing reward, simply log into your Kickstarter account and increase your pledge amount by $40. We will be notified of the pledge increase and will know the increase is intended for the hat addition.

Thank you all again, sincerely, for your support. You have contributed to a mission with endless potential and the power to positively change lives.

All the best,


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