Kickstarter Update #5: Time to Stretch | BILLY Footwear

It is absolutely awe-inspiring that we met our Kickstarter goal. From the generosity of 195 backers we have broken the $30,000 ceiling! So much love. So much appreciation. So many people to thank.

People have now been asking, "Since you met your posted goal, is the campaign over?"

My answer, "Absolutely not!"

The campaign runs through Friday, May 27th. We met our $30,000 mark but there are still areas that need financial attention. So, Kickstarter community, it is time to stretch a bit further. 

As mentioned in our video, it is important that we make shoes in various widths. Part of that effort includes creating a specific shoe line dedicated to "support". And by support I mean shoes with added structure.

We have received lots of positive feedback from folks that use AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthosis), which are basically lower leg braces used to control lower leg instabilities. In short, it is incredibly difficult to get an AFO into a traditional shoe. Given our shoes completely unzip and open up, many patrons that use AFOs are very excited.

Our stretch goal is 100% focused on developing our "support line".

We have eleven days left. Can we raise another $10,000 before our deadline? I think we can.

Time to stretch.

With continued thanks,


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