The Power of a Dream | MLK Day

How do we turn a dream into a vision and then create success? Great question. A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. A vision is a vivid mental image of the future. And success is the accomplishment of an aim, goal or purpose. One leads to the other, but it all starts with a dream as the foundation. 

Success first happens in the mind. And it simply begins with a thought and a choice. Positive thought fosters positive results. And it is our choice how we choose to think. 

Success is a process, which is why it often takes an extended period of time to achieve it. And all success in life starts with a personal decision, spurred by a dream. With a big dream that is incredibly important to us, it will arrest our attention and thrust us forward to succeed. Why? Because our important dream becomes a vision—a vision so clear that we not only see the future, but the steps required to manifest our success. 

And in the case of a social movement rooted with a powerful dream, success will not be constrained.  

On January 15, 1929, the great Martin Luther King Jr., the American Baptist minister who reshaped the civil rights movement through nonviolence, entered the world. And in his short 39 years on earth, his life has left a lasting impression on the world—an impression that will survive the test of time. 

Behold the power of a mighty dream, which begat a vision, which has generated countless successes over many years. 

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 


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