Billy Price’s Quest to Make Mainstream Shoes Adaptive | Seattle Met

We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank Benjamin Cassidy and Seattle Met for highlighting our brand in their recent online publication. To read the article in it's original format, please click here.

"Seattle Met illuminates a thriving city for newcomers and longtime residents, chronicling the present and our city’s rich past with both gravitas and irreverence, and tracing our connection to the nation and the world. We cover politics, arts, dining, fashion, travel, and the great outdoors. Seattle Met is essential reading for understanding the city and making the most of living here." 

We would also like to thank Jei So from Clearbanc for facilitating the interview. BILLY Footwear utilized the services of Clearbanc to help fund social media marketing needs. Clearbanc began a program where they highlight success stories of brands they assist. We are honored Clearbanc selected our brand to be part of their pilot program. 

"Clearbanc is a venture capital firm that specializes in non-dilutive revenue-share agreements with start-ups."


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