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We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank the entire Zappos Adaptive Team for featuring us in the Lifestyle section of the Culture Blog, Beyond the Box. It is a honor to be partnered with Zappos and call them friends. To read the article, please click here

The Zappos Family Story: 

"The year was 1999, and our founder Nick Swinmurn was walking around a mall in San Francisco looking for a pair of shoes. One store had the right style, but not the right color. Another store had the right color, but not the right size. Nick spent the next hour in the mall, walking from store to store, and finally went home empty-handed and frustrated. 

At home, Nick tried looking for his shoes online and was again unsuccessful. Although there were a lot of "mom and pop" stores selling shoes online, what was interesting to Nick was that there was no major online retailer that specialized in shoes. So, since it was 1999 and anything seemed possible at the time, Nick decided to quit his day job and start an online shoe retailer... and was born! 

The original idea was to create a web site that offered the absolute best selection in shoes in terms of brands, styles, colors, sizes, and widths. Over the past 9 years, the brand and aspirations have evolved, and in addition to offering the best selection, with the goal to be the company that provides the absolute best service online—not just in shoes, but in any category."


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Can I order these shoes for delivery to England?

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