How One Entrepreneur’s Disability Inspired This Clever, Easy-On Shoe Concept | Footwear News

We would like to thank Erin Clack and Footwear News for featuring us in their online post, dated February 21, 2018. We sincerely appreciate your generous support and look forward to sharing more styles with you in the future.

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I am a grandmother of a young boy. Who was the happiest when we found billy’s high top shoes. For he where’s braces on both legs up to his knees for the last 2 years last year . We looked for shoes to fit but ended up with crocs over sized and moon boots and barnboots, each change of cast and then more braces. This last year Mary Bridge Children s Therapy gave us a Shoe Voucher for. Nordstrom Tacoma Mall and we found Billy’s High Tops, he put them on and was Dancing running and smiling. This last week went to Nordstrom Tacoma Mall who contracts with Mary Bridge Brigade went back for another pair for news braces and they said , we don’t have high tops any more they said we have low tops they don’t work. He was upset very sad we came home emptyhanded. Would like to see Nordstrom carry high tops again. Thanks

Phyllis Quint

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