These Adaptive Shoes Are Game-Changers for Kids With Special Needs | CafeMom

We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank Ms. Lauren Gordon from CafeMom, an ad-supported social networking site, which targets mothers and mothers-to-be. Ms. Gordon wrote a lovely article generously supporting our brand following our viral social-media growth earlier this month.

CafeMom meets the emotional and practical needs of every mom with an honest, gritty, funny, wise, practical and uplifting spirit that mirrors motherhood itself. Our stories satisfy a demand: to laugh, to connect, to commiserate, or to get smart advice you've never heard before. We lift up the voices of all moms, and make them feel confident, hopeful and understood. Like a good friend, we just make life better. —CafeMom

To read the article, click here.

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