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by: Tiffiny Carlson | March 1st, 2017

“Universal design with fashion in mind” — this is the mission behind Billy Footwear, the world’s first shoe company to make shoes that work for everyone, including those with limited dexterity. “I didn’t want to wear shoes that screamed ‘adaptive,’” says Billy Price, a C6 quad from Seattle, Washington. This is what led him to co-found Billy Footwear, a company that is all about fashionable shoes and promoting universal design.

So far his company has designed seven stunningly cool shoes with a drop-jaw universal element that works great for quads — a zipper that wraps around the base of the shoe, allowing the wearer to place their foot in unobstructed, and then close the shoe with the pull of a zipper-pull. And Billy Footwear sells shoes for everyone — men, women and children — as well as in various styles, like high-tops, loafers and oxfords. The average price for a pair of Billy shoes is $100.

Visit billyfootwear.com.


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