Zipping with Stanley | Office Hours with Stanley Hainsworth

Darin and I first met Stanley Hainsworth, Tether Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and host of Office Hours, in May of 2015.  At that time, we were in the thick of it, filming and navigating our way through a reality television show called Quit Your Day Job on the Oxygen channel. Stanley and the extended Tether family were instrumental in helping us simplify the logo of our brand, which in turn caught the eye of the investors on the Quit Your Day Job program.

Following the show, we remained in contact with Stanley, keeping him abreast of our company developments.  And nearly a year later from the day we first met, Stanley again played his generosity card...he invited us to be guests on Office Hours—giving our Kickstarter campaign more buzz.

To see the Office Hours interview, click here or click above on the embedded video.

Tether is much more than a graphic design and marketing company in Seattle—they are storytellers, dedicated to providing sublimely executed substance that captures the wholesome core of any brand. Thank you, Tether, sincerely, for all that you do.

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