Episode #103: Kelli Croll from CPATH-Texas

In this episode of Open Book, we hear from Kelli Croll, Community Director at CPATH-Texas. CPATH is a Central Texas-based non-profit organization created to support individuals with cerebral palsy. CPATH offers various programs and services, such as financial grants, medical equipment, camp and community days, and adaptive sports and recreational programs.

Kelli has over 18 years of experience in pediatric physical therapy, with a specialized passion for neurological diagnoses. She has been involved with CPATH for over 5 years and is overjoyed to be a part of CPATH’s growth and progress. Her passion for helping kids motivates her to continue to learn and be more collaborative with her patient’s medical teams, for the benefit of everyone involved. Kelli is committed to promoting CPATH’s mission and values of inclusion and accessibility for those with cerebral palsy.

Website: cpathtexas.org
Social: @cpathtexas

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