Episode #104: Nicol Hernandez from SBAGNE

In this episode of Open Book we hear from Nicol Hernandez, Chair-Elect at Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England. The Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England (“SBAGNE”) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation founded in 1971 by a group of concerned parents of children with Spina Bifida. Today, they are an affiliated chapter of the National Spina Bifida Association. For 50 years, they have worked hard to support, connect, and empower individuals and families living in New England with Spina Bifida.

Nicol is an adult living with Spina Bifida and a wheelchair user. She currently works at Brown University as an accommodations specialist at the student accessibility services office. Nicol is passionate about accessibility and inclusion at the higher education level and in the workplace. Her goal while being a board member of SBAGNE is to advocate and help build more programs for individuals with Spina-Bifida. She also hopes to bring more programs and resources to the latinx community. Nicol is excited to provide a safe space and environment for all individuals with Spina Bifida to be seen and heard. She loves to help others find their inner confidence and independence!

Website: sbagreaterne.org
Instagram: @spinabifidagreaternewengland
Facebook: @sbagreaterne

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