Episode #112: The Amazingly Sensational Kids

In this episode of Open Book, we hear from authors Tracy-Ann and Jamiyl Samuels. Since 2018, Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann have spread awareness for supporting children with autism through their children's books. As the parents of a child on the autism spectrum, they have advocated on behalf of this community with respect to access to education and services, anti-bullying, interfamily communications and social dynamics.

The Amazingly Sensational Kids (T.A.S.K.) book series, The Amazingly Awesome Amani and Sensationally Super Sandy, are inspired by their son Trey's courageous journey as an autistic child navigating the (sometimes harsh) realities of life through his vivid imagination. T.A.S.K. seeks to educate and entertain through the creation of informed written content, film, music, public speaking, and other media platforms. Our T.A.S.K. is to use Transparency, Advocacy, Sensitivity, and Knowledge in all of our endeavors to bring forth Truth, Accountability, Service, and Kindness.

Website: theamazinglysensationalkids.com
Social: @theamazinglysensationalkids

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