Episode #113: Brittany Brown with CureGRIN

In this episode of Open Book, we hear from Brittany Brown, Project Coordinator at CureGRIN Foundation. Brittany started with CureGRIN as a Family Ambassador and continues to move forward with the team and GRI Families to find treatments and one day, a cure!

CureGRIN is a foundation founded and run by parents who are committed to improving the lives of people living with GRI Disorders. GRI Disorders are part of a larger family of genetic diseases related to ionotropic glutamate receptors. These receptors play an important role in learning and memory as well as other critical biological functions.

CureGRIN and its network of researchers are working closely with families affected by these disorders to identify insights that could benefit all.

Website: curegrin.org
Facebook: @cureGRIN
Instagram: @curegrin_foundation

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