Episode #7: 20 Questions

Hear the top 20 Questions and answers from Billy Price, co-founder of BILLY Footwear. The questions range from business life to personal life:

1. Where did you grow up?
2. Why are you in a wheelchair?
3. Do you play sports?
4. Do you drive?
5. Do you travel?
6. What did you study in college?
7. Where do you live now?
8. Before BILLY Footwear, what did you do for work?
9. What inspired BILLY Footwear?
10. How long did it take to ramp up the business?
11. Where can I buy BILLY shoes?
12. What sizes do you offer?
13. How do I know what size to order?
14. Do you carry wide shoes?
15. Do you ship international?
16. Do you carry boots?
17. Do you carry sandals?
18. How do I become a seller of BILLY Footwear?
19. How do I reach customer service?
20. What advice do you have for new business owners?

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