Episode #96: Her ALS Story

"Her ALS Story strives to educate the public that ALS does not discriminate. People of all ages, races, locations and genders develop the disease. At a time in their lives when most women are establishing careers, finding partners and growing families, we were dealt a terminal diagnosis with no available treatments to stop or reverse the disease.

ALS is extremely isolating, but Her ALS Story provides a community for our members that offers instant connection and support. Sharing personal experiences and knowledge is life-changing and helps us normalize our experiences with ALS. Knowing we’re not alone in this fight is empowering.

Together, we use our stories to raise ALS awareness and advocate to deliver better therapies to ALS patients faster, partnering with ALS nonprofits including Project ALS, I AM ALS and ALS TDI to support research and legislative initiatives. We are committed to using the time we have left getting ALS the attention it needs to finally end the disease."

In this episode of Open Book, we hear from Kaitlin Gonzales and Leah Stavenhagen of Her ALS Story. Enjoy!

To learn more about Her ALS Story, please visit https://heralsstory.org/ or on social @heralsstory.

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