Accessible Fashion: How Cur8able and BILLY Footwear are Changing the Narrative | Unbeknownst: A Disability Podcast

We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank Belo Cipriani from Unbeknownst: A Disability Podcast for inviting Billy to speak as a guest. To hear the 10-minute discussion in its original form, please click here.

Belo Cipriani is a media entrepreneur, an award-winning author, a prize-winning journalist, and a teacher, nationally recognized for his contributions to the advocacy, employment diversity, and disability fields. He is the CEO and founder of Oleb Media – an ADA compliance firm – and the publishing house Oleb Books. He has served as an accessibility and recruiting consultant for Fortune 100 companies, including Apple, Google, Toyota, Facebook, and Wells Fargo, among others.

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