Help Me Get Dressed! 1 Billion Reasons for Adaptive Fashion | Technology Revolution: The Future of Now

We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank Bonnie Graham from Technology Revolution: The Future of Now for inviting BILLY Footwear co-founder Billy Price to be a panel member on her recent podcast, Help Me Get Dressed! 1 Billion Reasons for Adaptive Fashion. Billy had the honor of joining other panel members:

  • Mindy Scheier, Founder, Runway of Dreams Foundation
  • Matt Laukaitis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Consumer Industries, SAP N. A.
  • Maria Morais, Global Industry Principal, Consumer Industries, SAP Customer Experience
Episode Description

The buzz: "The fashion industry is starting to care about people with disabilities…designing apparel, shoes and other products for consumers with non-standard body types, boosting an overlooked population's confidence – and their own bottom lines” When you got dressed today, other than deciding what to wear, was it EASY? Not if you have a disability that makes it challenging to use buttons, snaps, zippers, hooks, or pull on shirts and pants. Where to find “stylish adaptive clothing” with easy-on-off features? Many mainstream clothing retailers mostly ignore Americans with disabilities, despite their total disposable income of $490B. Can technologies like AI algorithms, robotics, and 3D printing help manufacturers adapt production processes to this market? We'll ask Mindy Scheier, Runway of Dreams Foundation; Billy Price, BILLY Footwear; Matt Laukaitis and Maria Morais, SAP. Join us for Help Me Get Dressed! 1 Billion Reasons for Adaptive Fashion!

To hear the 55-minute panel discussion, click below or click here to hear the show in its original form. 

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