Imagining A New Economy | Mia Voss

We at BILLY Footwear are pleased to announce our feature on the "Imagining A New Economy" podcast with Mia Voss! We thank Mia for the invitation to share the story of BILLY Footwear.

"Between Billy’s propensity for problem-solving and Darin’s spark for business innovation, they created a prototype that fulfilled Billy’s personal needs. But the solution Billy was seeking for his own challenges grew into something bigger—it became a mission to create mainstream shoes that are functional, fashionable, and inclusive for everyone.

It is clear that the world is ready for greater inclusion in fashion. Everybody is unique and we all want to express ourselves and feel confident. BILLY Footwear is proud to be a part of this movement."

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The episode below features our co-founder, Billy Price. Enjoy!

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