Roll a mile in my shoes | The Ramp. It. Up! Podcast

We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank The Ramp. It. Up! Podcast for having our company co-founder, Billy Price, on their most recent podcast.

The Ramp. It. Up! Podcast is hosted by Rhonel Cinous, a C4 C5 quadriplegic. A Haitian American radio personality and an undeniable and unparalleled SEX symbol, whose career was interrupted by his injury. Thankfully he has the passion and drive to get back behind the mic. Ramp It Up is meant to educate and entertain through real-life accounts of injuries, illnesses, success stories, and unbelievable antics. This podcast will give you a glimpse of life from the driver seat of a wheelchair! Prepare to laugh, cry, be motivated and uncontrollably aroused! Though always open to share advice born through his personal experiences, Rhonel still has much to learn about navigating life after a Spinal Cord Injury. The show will also feature interviews with other wheelers sharing stories about their injuries, careers, adventures, hobbies, and overall quality of life. SCI survivors range in age, ethnic backgrounds, genders, Socio-political backgrounds, and religious/spiritual beliefs but what we all have in common is that no challenges will hold us back. Ramp. It. Up!

To hear the episode, please see the channel below.

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