Where Fashion Meets Function (podcast) | The Brain Possible

We at BILLY Footwear would like to thank The Brain Possible (thebrainpossible.com) for featuring us on their most recent podcast.

Podcast Episode Description: Billy Price is the co-founder of BILLY Footwear, the shoes that embody universal design, meaning they both appeal to and work for everyone. After breaking his neck and becoming paralyzed, one of the things Billy struggled the most with was not being able to put on his own shoes, which is what inspired him to create this special line of footwear. Billy notes, “We wanted to be able to have something that just kind of leveled the playing field and offered the same product that would work for everybody.” In this episode, The Brain Possible Founder & CEO, Emily Abbott and Billy discuss how BILLY Footwear came to be and how the shoes wound up on the shelves of Nordstrom and on Zappos. Billy also shares his thoughts on mindset, overcoming failure, and the power of association. Listen in to find out more about how these shoes are an ideal fit for children of all abilities, and to be inspired to never give up.

To hear the episode in its entirety, please click here.

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