Easy on. Easy off. Step In! to unmatched convenience.

BILLY Footwear changes the game by smashing fashion with function in the spirit of inclusion. Intended for the masses, the zipper shoes of BILLY Footwear revolutionize how footwear is put on and taken off.
The BILLY shoes sold at Target are only sold at Target. They are entry-level shoes and priced accordingly. But the BILLY brand has much more to offer than just the shoes sold at Target. We have shoes in toddler sizing, kid’s sizing, men’s sizing, and women’s sizing. We have shoes that come in multiple widths. And we have shoes that are better equipped to accommodate orthotic braces. 
The collections below show was is newest to the BILLY catalog. Enjoy!

What's new in kid's and toddler sizes?

What's new in women's sizes?

What's new in men's sizes?

Let's talk about branding...

BILLY Footwear is unique in many ways. So when it comes to branding elements, we have three distinct components that set us apart from other brands and help communicate our passion and drive to add value.

Movie time...

Everyone loves movies. This two minute gem will take you back to how BILLY Footwear first got started.


"We make footwear that works for everybody."

- Billy Price, Co-Founder